Spirits of the Voyage

Music Soundtrack From the Documentary


Michael Stearns



What the Critics Say!

Ben Kettlewell - Alternate Music Press:

       The climate of "Spirits of the Voyage" is exotic, and is composed upon an aural canvas of mysticism and the hypnotic ambience of Micronesia.  At times the music is possessed by a dynamic range as wide as any classical music, ... the key to a full appreciation of Stearns' sonic theatre is subtlety.  A good stereo system is essential, and whether you use it as foreground or background, the music on this album is music which demands to be heard in a noiseless environment.  Give it the space that it asks, and it can be exhilaratingly powerful and profoundly moving.  The music on "Spirits of the Voyage" conjures up a sensation of wonder and astonishment;  breathtaking qualities, which arise out of Stearns' ability to depict the grandeur and beauty of the world in an almost visual sense through his compositions.  This is an incredible album.  With an already impressive body of work behind him, the Santa Fe, New Mexico based composer/multi-instrumentalist shows no sign of creative fatigue.  It's one of his finest works to date.

Phil Derby - Sequences Magazine (U.K.):

       "Spirits of the Voyage" combines sweeping orchestral sounds, almost Vangelis style at times, with ambience, water sounds, and native chanting and singing.  Apt titles such as "Soft Waves" reflect the relaxed feel of the music, which is beautiful and enchanting.

Jim Brenholts - Tracks Across the Universe: A Chronology Of Ambient
and Electronic Music:

    This is a beautifully melodic score with appropriate drama to accompany the film about ancient Pacific mariners and their adventures.  Chant and native song samples augment the score ... Michael has spent much time in the techno tribal ambient arena.  He aces this venture.  The melange of his electronic ambience and the natural samples is awesome.  The flow of the CD is flawless.

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