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A Documentary by Eric Metzgar

    Jesus Urupiy, a traditional navigator on Lamotrek Atoll in the Caroline Islands of Micronesia, resurrects an ancient Micronesian navigator initiation ritual which is filmed for the first time.

   A compelling journey back to a time and a way of life in the Pacific Islands that has all but been forgotten a world of traditional navigational knowledge, sacred chants, and magic.

Navigator Magic

" ... the drama of pwo unfolds amid scenes of great beauty, and Metzgar succeeds in doing full justice to the visual magic of the South Seas."  —  Dr. David Lewis

Film Review

Outrigger Canoe Approaching Lamotrek Atoll

" ... an entrancing look into the ritual of passing on the elders' knowledge of the spirit world, called pwo, to a new generation of navigators."  —  Tony Gibb

Film Review

Navigator Initiation

"There have been several films made in Micronesia, and this one, in my opinion, is the most valuable, and I feel it will become even more valuable as time passes."  —  Don Evans  O'Keefe's Waterfront Inn

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