Urupiy and Hipour on Polowat

        Urupiy returned to the home of his navigator fathers and uncles on Polowat (Puluwat) in the Western Islands of Chuuk State.  There he met with  Hipour, his first cousin, who he had not seen in several decades.  Two authors who have written major works on the subject of traditional navigation in Micronesia credit Hipour with providing them with invaluable assistance and information.  First, Thomas Gladwin in East is a Big Bird: Navigation and Logic on Puluwat Atoll;  and second, David Lewis in We, The Navigators.  The Carolinian-Marianas voyaging renaissance is often cited as beginning with Hipour's "demonstration" voyage in David Lewis' ketch, Isbjorn, which sailed from Polowat to Saipan and back to Polowat in 1969 using traditional navigation methods.
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