Micronesian Tour 2000

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Photos by Eric Metzgar
All Rights Reserved
Bechiyal Village Meeting House in Maap, Yap
Chief John Tamag Shows His Navigator Weather Charm to David Lewis
David Lewis Returns a Navigator Heirloom to Jesus Urupiy's Family

Claudis Softhal, Yapese Weather Magician

Red Clay Deposits in Yap
Yap Stone Money
Yap Mural in Downtown Colonia
Urupiy with Navigator Weather Charm on Woleai
Katelu Meeting House on Ifaluk
Letigereng on Satawal
Mau Piailug Performs Pwo Ceremony Chant on Pollap
Lambert Lokopwe Initiates Navigator in Pwo Ceremony on PollapLokopwe performs Pwo
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